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Kitchen Cabinets Patchogue, NY

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Bathroom Cabinetry  & More!

Tile & Cabinetry Works is a proud importer of ready-to-install cabinets that are ready for your use in no time. No more waiting around for lazy contractors or materials to be shipped in. We’ll be quick, and we will get exactly what you need. Any type of finishing or etching you might want on your cabinets, we can supply for you. We’ll order whatever you may need to finish your renovations on time and done the right way. Whether you need more space for your beauty supplies, diaper storage space, or towels and toiletries, we can help recommend the best cabinetry solutions for your specific purpose. 

Tile & Flooring
Bathroom tiles can be used on your countertops, floors, backsplashes, and even in your walk-in shower. With a variety of materials, including porcelain, ceramic, stone, and much more, you can truly customize your bathroom into whatever you would like. If you need sleek tiles for your backsplash, we can match this material and style to your kitchen sink as well! Just talk your project over with our consultants and start enjoying the luxury and quality you deserve. 

Our Process

When you come into our store with an idea in mind for remodeling your bathroom, our design team can do so much more than just draw a picture for what the new room might look like. Our pros know the guidelines, limitations, and requirements for plumbing fixtures and construction regulations. We have experience in the field with these types of jobs, so our design will reflect industry standards. 

To experience superior design, products, and service, please call us today! We would love to make your home renovation that much easier. 
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